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Stations of the Cross at Epiphany Parish

An Installation - Lent 2021


Welcome to the journey of the Stations of the Cross.

At each station there is scripture to read, a question to think about, and something to do. You will notice that the eight station ends at a wooden cross at the front door of the church. On Easter Sunday, this cross will be transformed with flowers as we celebrate Christ's Resurrection.

To begin the Stations:

Start at Station 1 to the left of the front door of the church. Proceed along the path to Station 7 then follow the driveway back to the front of the church to Station 8.

Click on the highlighted station title for each station.

Station 1 - Jesus is Arrested

Station 2 - Jesus is Stripped of his Garments

Station 3 - Jesus is Condemned to Death

Station 4 - Simon helps Carry the Cross

Station 5 - Jesus Speaks to the Women

Station 6 - Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Station 7 - Jesus Dies on the Cross

Station 8 - Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

Thank you for visiting our Stations of the Cross. You are welcome to join us for a virtual worship on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021, at 10:15am on our Facebook page.


Epiphany Parish is an Episcopal Church whose mission is to come together to worship in the power of Jesus' name, to care for one another and to include all people through our fellowship, education and outreach.


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