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In addition to our regular Sunday morning worship services there are several special services that take place at Epiphany throughout the year.




Holy Baptism is the ritual by which one becomes a Christian.  In the Episcopal Church, because a baptism is an event of importance and celebration for both the individual Christian and for the whole church, we perform baptism during Sunday morning worship or at the Easter Vigil service.


We baptize both children and adults.  At each baptism, sponsors, also commonly known as godparents, are chosen to stand with the candidate during their baptism and to help them live as a follower of Christ afterwards. If the baptismal candidate is a child, sponsors and parents take the baptismal vows on the child’s behalf and promise to raise the child in the Christian faith and life. Because of this responsibility, sponsors of the person being baptized are required to be baptized themselves.  Adults desiring to be baptized undergo a course of study in the weeks leading up to their baptism.  Parents of children who would like to have their child baptized will meet with Rev. Christen a few weeks before the baptismal service.


If you would like to be baptized or would like to learn more about having your child baptized, please contact the parish office.



Congratulations on your engagement!


At Epiphany Parish welcomes and celebrates all couples seeking to enter into a life-long union, make their vows before God and the Church, and receive the grace and blessing of God to help them fulfill their vows. Same-sex couples are welcome to be married at Epiphany Parish and in the Episcopal Church.


We perform weddings according to The Book of Common Prayer or other approved marriage liturgies of the Episcopal Church.  In addition, at least one of the two persons to be married must be a baptized Christian.


If you are interested in learning more about marriage in the Episcopal Church, please contact our parish office to schedule the date at least six months prior to when you hope to be married. The couple will then meet about 4 to 6 times for pastoral counseling with Rev. Christen to prepare for the lifelong covenant of marriage and to plan the service.


Remarriage after divorce is permitted in the Episcopal Church.  Please have verification of the legal dissolution of a prior marriage(s) before meeting with Rev. Christen for the first time. Permission for remarriage is required from the bishop of the diocese in which the marriage will take place. If either or both of the persons have been divorced twice, then professional counseling is required before the Bishop's permission can be given. If you have already been married in a civil ceremony, your marriage may also be blessed in the church.

Funerals and Memorial Services


To bury the dead is an important work of the church.  You do not have to be a member of Epiphany Parish to have a funeral here for a loved one.  As followers of Jesus Christ, funerals that take place in the church commemorate the life of the deceased and also proclaim the Christian hope of resurrection and eternal life.  We consider it a privilege to support your family during this time of grief and help you prepare to honor and say goodbye to your loved one.



If you would like to arrange a funeral at Epiphany Parish, please consult with the parish office before making any arrangements for the service, burial, and/or reception.


Home Communion

For those who are unable to attend church due to illness or physical challenges, arrangements can be made to have a Communion service at home.  Please contact the church office ( or 508-668-2353) if you would like further information on this ministry or to sign up to receive Home Communion.




9:30am rotating between Rite I & II & live streamed

Fall & Winter

8:00am Rite I

10:00am Rite II & live streamed on Facebook


Sunday School runs September - May.

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