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Welcome back to Sunday School on September 11, 2022.
We will be celebrating the new year with “Sundae Sunday” – ice cream treats for everyone. 
Bring your backpacks for The Blessing of the Backpacks.
Come join the fun!!!!

All ages are welcome to join us for worship and our Sunday School lesson each Sunday at 10:00am.

Epiphany Parish is a Safe Church. 

All of our Sunday School teachers have had a background check and have participated in the Safe Church training.


Safe Church - Protection of Children and Youth - Read Here

Safe church - Protection of Vulnerable Adults - Read Here

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Sunday School Curriculum

Cross Labyrinth

Beginning January 15, 2023

Week 1 - Jesus Baptism

Week 2 - The Temptation of Jesus

Week 3 - Beatitudes

Week 4 - The Lord's Prayer

Week 5 - Fishers of Men

Week 6 - Blind Man

Week 7 - Seed Parable

Week 8 - Treasure in Heaven

Week 9 - Feeding the 500

Week 10 - Walking on Water

Week 11 - The Transfiguration

Week 12 - Palm Sunday

Week 13 - Jesus has Risen

Week 14 - Meals with the Risen

Week 15 - Wise and Foolish Bridesmaids

Week 16 - Parable of the Talents

Week 17 - Ascension

Week 18 - Pentecost

Jesse Tree

Beginning September 11, 2022

Week 1 - The Story of Creation

Week 2 - Adam & Eve

Week 3 - Noah's Ark

Week 4 - Tower of Babel

Week 5 - Abraham

Week 6 - Joseph shows Forgiveness

Week 7 - Jochebed - Mother of Moses

Week 8 - Moses and the Ten Commandments

Week 9 - Jericho

Week 10 - Ruth

Week 11 - David

Week 12 - Advent

Week 13 - Amos & Micah

Week 14 - Preparation

Week 15 - Birth of Jesus

Week 16 - Epiphany

2022-23 Registration Form - Click Here


The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is an approach to the religious formation of children that is rooted in the Bible, the liturgy of the church, and the educational principles of Maria Montessori. Children gather in an "atrium," a room prepared for them, which contains simple yet beautiful materials they use to help them absorb the most essential proclamations of the Christianfaith.

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a rich experience for children that gives them the opportunity to grow in love and knowledge of God through the Christian tradition.

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The mission of Weaving God’s Promises is to teach children and youth how God’s promises of salvation are woven into our lives; teaching them the way of Christ, not only in the church but also in the world as Christ’s ambassadors; and fostering the spiritual formation and growth of our children and youth in Christ’s love and mercy and to teach the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation.


Students in grades 6 and up will be investigating where they "fit in" to our church family. There are so many tasks and ministries that church members can take part in. To name just a few - vestry member, selling pumpkins, counting money, altar guild, teaching, and more.


Students will be performing various services and learning about many of our church's ministries. For each service they perform and/or learning participation, there is an opportunity to earn a "circle award".  Students will enter awards into a "passport" booklet to track their progress. Journals will be used to record whether what they are investigating is a place where they feel they fit in at Epiphany. The first project they will work on is an outreach opportunity. Come on Sunday to learn more!


multichurch youth.jpg

Epiphany Parish is one of the founding members of a new multi-church youth group for students in grades 6-9.  Youth events will take place weekly alternating between Zoom and live in-person meetings at Bird Park.  Epiphany Parish is partnering with South Walpole United Methodist Church, Union Congregational Church of Walpole, and United Church in Walpole to develop a Christian youth ministry program for the town of Walpole.

Our Mission: We reach out to Walpole area youth with the joy of the gospel, empowering them to grow in discipleship.

Our Vision: Through experiences of inclusive community, formative service, and authentic spiritual practice, youth lives are changed.


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