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The 2023-24 Sunday School year concluded on May 19, 2024.
We look forward to seeing you in September!

All ages are welcome to join us for worship and our Sunday School lesson each Sunday at 10:00am.

Epiphany Parish is a Safe Church. 

All of our Sunday School teachers have had a background check and have participated in the Safe Church training.


Safe Church - Protection of Children and Youth - Read Here

Safe church - Protection of Vulnerable Adults - Read Here

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Sunday School Curriculum


Weekly Sunday School Story

Week 1 - Family of God

Week 2 - Abraham and Sarah

Week 3 - Jacob and Esau

Week 4 - Jacobs Ladder

Week 5 - Joseph

Week 6 - Baby Moses

Week 7 - Moses and the Burning Bush

Week 8 - Gideon

Week 9 - All Saints

Week 10 - Ruth

Week 11 - David Shepherd

Week 12 - Christ the King

Week 13 - Daniel

Week 14 - Jonah

Week 15 - Preparing for Jesus' birth

Week 16 - Epiphany

Week 17 - Disciples

Week 18 - Water into wine

Week 19 - Nicodemus

Week 20 - Woman at the well

Week 21 - Jesus Heals

Week 22 - Loaves and fishes

Week 23 - Names of Jesus

Week 24 - Jesus heals a blind man

Week 25 - Lazarus

Week 26 - Shamrock Trinity

Week 27 - Palm Sunday

Week 28 - Empty tomb

Week 29- Doubting Thomas

Week 30 - Jesus helps disciples catch fish

Week 31 - The Last Supper

Week 32 - The Lords Prayer

Week 33 - Women in the Bible

Week 34 - Let the Light Shine


Books of the Bible

What Do you Think?

2023-24 Registration Form - Click Here

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Sunday School class pic.jpg
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Epiphany Parish is one of the founding members of a new multi-church youth group for students in grades 6-9.  Youth events are held at Epiphany Parish.  Epiphany Parish is partnering with South Walpole United Methodist Church, Union Congregational Church of Walpole, and United Church in Walpole to develop a Christian youth ministry program for the town of Walpole.

Our Mission: We reach out to Walpole area youth with the joy of the gospel, empowering them to grow in discipleship.

Our Vision: Through experiences of inclusive community, formative service, and authentic spiritual practice, youth lives are changed.


Sunday School class 2024.jpg
Sunday School class pic.jpg
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